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Your Adjusted
Cost Basis
in Seconds

With minimal information, Netbasis can automatically calculate an adjusted cost basis for securities going back as far as 1925.

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  • Splits

  • Spin-Offs

  • Dividends Reinvested

  • Mergers

  • Liquidations

  • Mutual Fund Conversions


  • High Speed Batch Service

  • ACAT Verification

  • Wash Sale Batch Service

  • Tax Optimization

RIAs and TAX

  • Historical Cost Basis

  • Sale Planning

  • Tax Lot Harvesting

  • Tax Optimization

“What Information Do I Need To Start Using Netbasis?”

Netbasis has all of your security’s corporate actions (splits, mergers, spin-off, etc), pricing and dividend information. Netbasis requires only a minimum amount of information from you to calculate your cost basis. After identifying the original security you acquired, you just need to enter the following information:

Enter the date(s) for shares you acquired (purchased, inherited or received in a spin-off). Then enter the date(s) for the shares you sold.

Enter the number of shares for every acquisition. Then enter the number of shares for every sale.

You don’t have to enter every dividend. Just click “Yes” if you reinvested dividends for the entire holding period or enter the “Start” and “End” dates if you didn’t.


View the Netbasis videos to help you navigate through the different features.

Equity Cost Basis in Action

Learn how to enter your buy, sell and dividend information to calculate your adjusted cost basis

Step-By-Step Instructions For Power Search

Learn how to calculate your cost basis when you don’t know how many shares you originally acquired

Step-By-Step Instructions for DOD

Learn how to choose between the date of death valuation and the six-month valuation for inherited shares

Step-By-Step Instructions for Gift Cost Basis

Learn how to calculate your adjusted cost basis for gifted shares

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