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  • " Even for someone in the investment business, corporate actions can be unbelievably difficult when trying to calculate your client’s cost basis. Having an automated system really saves a lot of time and frustration. " by David B., New York, NY

  • " When I used Netbasis, I was just happy to know that I wasn’t going to have to try to figure out the cost basis on my AT&T shares, but I ended up finding out that I owned a lot more shares in different companies than I knew about! " by Meredith K., Scottsdale, AZ

  • " At tax time, I was always afraid of filing my Schedule D because I was never really sure of what I was reporting. I could never really seem to figure out my cost basis and capital gain or loss correctly. Now that I use Netbasis, I file my taxes with confidence that they are accurate. " by Janice C., Minneapolis, MN

  • " I have quite a few clients whose investments go back quite a few years, either because they have invested for most of their adult life or they may have inherited investments. Netbasis allows me to quickly and easily handle complex investments within minutes. Before I started using this system, I was using spreadsheets and having nightmares! " by John H., Boston, MA

  • " Netbasis has saved us hundreds of dollars in accountant’s fees. We were able to give our accountant our gain/loss and cost basis information, instead of paying him to figure it out by hand! " by Janice and Cecil B., Palm Beach, FL

  • " Dear Mr. Nico R. Willis, President & CEO: Thank you so much for your services helping me find my cost basis for five companies. Your customer service department did an outstanding professional job and I can’t tell you what a pleasure it was to work with them. All I can say is ‘WOW, great job!!!!!’ Once again, thank you very much. " by Brister D., Winter Park, FL

  • " I want to personally thank you for the extraordinary service provided by Netbasis. When I first approached Netbasis regarding the cost basis for an old investment I owned, I did not hold out much hope given how complicated it was going to be since I lacked much of the documentation needed to manually calculate. I am completely impressed that you as a manager would take on my questions on your website’s chat window and offer to personally see my issue through to the final answer. If all companies acted the way yours did for its customers, the customer complaint department would be nonexistent. Not only did your company work with me, you put in the extra effort required to provide a customized solution that was required as a result of multiple conversions over the 25 years I owned the security. Here I am, just a single investor with only a single security and to receive the level of service I was afforded was unbelievable and remarkable! The results were accurate and well-documented, thus I will have no issues defending myself if I am required to provide this information to the IRS! Thank you very much and please be certain that I will highly recommend Netbasis to my friends and family. " by Martin M., Sugarland, TX

  • " You do not know how much I deeply appreciate your help in my continuing saga to calculate and determine the cost basis of the mutual fund. The nightmare is over. I feel relieved; I am a free man again. The database of NetWorth Services is indeed impressive. Kudos to the programmers for designing a sophisticated system that is web-based. No doubt your system relieves the burden of taxpayers in determining a cost basis and the IRS –efficiently. Thanks for everything. " by Terry D., Alexandria, VA

  • " I found your service to be very useful and fast! No doubt I will use your service in the future. Thanks. " by A. Edward P., New York, NY


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