Cost Basis Add-on For Software Companies

Value-Added Technology for Software Companies

Can your customers access a powerful and comprehensive cost basis calculator as part of your tax preparation, accounting or financial services software suite? Are they satisfied with the cost basis functions you currently offer?

Make sure your company benefits from this valuable opportunity to give your clients the most complete financial software solution possible. By adding Netbasis, the “gold standard” of cost basis solutions to your software suite, you will provide your end users with many important benefits, including:

  • Effortless calculation of accurate cost basis information, even for securities with complicated corporate event histories and long holding periods.
  • Simpler and faster preparation of Schedule D and 1099 forms and 1099 cost basis reporting.
  • Assured compliance with all applicable IRS rules on wash sales, short sales, gifted shares and date of death valuation.
  • The information to enhance management of gains and losses and to make better buying and selling decisions.

Netbasis Features

Include Netbasis in your tax preparation, accounting or financial services software suite, and provide your end users with the following features:

  • Adjusted total and per-share cost basis
  • Adjusted number of shares
  • Cost basis for remaining shares
  • Accounting for systematic investments, withdrawals and dividend reinvestments
  • Sales scenarios using different sales calculation methods, including FIFO (first in, first out), specific lot and average cost (for mutual fund and DRiP shares)
  • Designation of realized gains/losses as short-term/long-term
  • A database of historical prices and corporate actions dating back to 1925, which facilitates tracking of all corporate actions affecting a security
  • Wash- and short-sale adjustments
  • Absolute pricing look-up for equities and mutual funds
  • Cash and “no-effect” merger information
  • Allocation rate information for mergers and spin-offs
  • Tax status of corporate actions
  • Cost basis backtracking
  • Birth-to-death corporate actions and dividend look-up
  • Equity mapping
  • Fair market value for cash and stock mergers
  • Date of death valuation with a 6-month alternative date
  • Estate and gifting valuation
  • Comprehensive portfolio management function

Contact a Netbasis sales professional today to find out how to include Netbasis as a valuable component of your software suite.