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Cost Basis Calculation

Netbasis will automatically calculate your adjusted cost basis for   or any  -affiliated company.

A purchase of one Netbasis transaction for $30.00 will provide you with:

  • The information and documentation needed to calculate your capital gains for tax purposes
  • An historical reconstruction of your investment including all corporate actions and dividend re-investments
  • The ability to optimize your tax strategy by selecting from a variety of sale methods
  • Pricing and corporate actions for your securities

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Here are some of our shareholder clients:

Netbasis application laptop

All You Need To Get Started:

  1. The purchase date
  2. The number of shares ( or dollar amount ) you sold
  3. The sales dates
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Netbasis contains all of the pricing and dividend history including all splits, mergers and any other corporate action. You will need to provide your personal purchase and sale history. This information can often be found on several types of investment documents including: broker and transfer agent statements, and your 1099B statement.

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