Finance Professionals

NetWorth Services is offering a “tax-time” promotional package to tax professionals who are dealing with tax filings and reconciling the 8949 Form for their clients. This “limited time only” special bundles the accuracy of the award-winning Netbasis cost basis application with the innovative new 8949 Verifier tool. Tax professionals can not only ensure the accuracy of their client’s capital gains tax filings but they can actually guarantee the results. Contact a sales representative today at 888-95-BASIS(22747) for more information.

The newly released 8949 Verifier is a tool that allows tax professionals to instantly verify the accuracy of their client’s new IRS Form 8949 (Sales and Other Dispositions of Capital Assets) prior to reporting. The 8949 Verifier’s innovative design contains color-coded alerts for quick reference and expedited work flow. These alerts indicate varying degrees of deviation from accurate cost basis calculations on selected securities.

Netbasis will determine the cost basis for uncovered securities acquired prior to 2011. This is critical for the clients of tax professionals, who bear the final responsibility of accurately reporting a gain or loss. This application provides the tax professional with the ultimate tool to accomplish this.

This offer is good until October 15th, 2013. To receive this special, please call our sales team at: (888) 952-2747.

Compliance and Service Benefits for Financial Professionals

With new regulations requiring accurate cost basis calculation and reporting, Netbasis serves as both an important compliance resource and a valuable competitive differentiator for a wide range of financial professionals. Created by financial services professionals familiar with the frustrations of cost basis accounting, Netbasis takes the headache out of determining historical security changes due to stock splits, mergers, dividend reinvestments and other cost basis adjustments.

Tax Professionals

Tax season is hectic enough without the added hours and stress involved in calculating the cost basis and gains or losses for your clients’ Schedule D forms. Netbasis is a web-based cost basis solution for quickly and precisely calculating cost basis and gain and loss amounts, even when the security has a long and complicated history or when the client is missing information about the security’s purchase. With Netbasis’ comprehensive features, you can also offer your clients tax planning advice and estate evaluation.

Financial Advisors

With Netbasis’ flexible Tax Optimization feature, you can offer your clients financial advice based on tax lot accounting “what-if” scenarios. Netbasis helps you give well-informed advice to your clients based on internal rate of return data, and can also be used to manage client gains and losses and maintain portfolios. If you do tax preparation, use Netbasis to reduce the amount of time and stress involved in calculating cost basis for your client’s tax returns.

Asset Managers

If you make investments on behalf of your clients, use Netbasis to run “What-If” scenarios for Tax Optimization before you commit to a buy or sell decision. Netbasis also helps you to better manage client gains and losses. If you prepare 1099 forms for your clients, you must now report cost basis; Netbasis is the ultimate cost basis calculator for determining accurate cost basis quickly and easily.

Wealth Managers

Netbasis is the first choice for wealth managers who want to manage their clients’ gains and losses effectively, make informed estate and gift planning decisions, value charitable donations correctly and provide accurate date of death valuation.

Estate/Divorce Attorneys

Imagine the time you could save and the additional services you could offer to your clients if you had a computer program to value estates, provide date of death valuation, make available information to enhance estate and gift planning, and value matrimonial assets when negotiating a settlement. Netbasis provides all these functions and more, and ensures that you can help your clients reach decisions that are based on reliable and complete information.

How Do We Purchase Netbasis?

Accessing Netbasis is as simple as clicking on the Buy Now button in the Get Netbasis section of this page, or contacting a Netbasis sales professional. Choose from the following options:

Individual Transactions: Access to the web-based Netbasis or Netbasis Wizard can be purchased on a transaction-by-transaction basis. This is an ideal solution for the financial services professional that needs adjusted cost basis, corporate action history and other relevant information for a specific security. Transactions may be purchased via credit card, either individually or in cost-effective multiple-transaction packages.

Individual or Departmental License: Access to the web-based Netbasis application is also available through both individual and departmental license. An individual or departmental license is a cost-effective solution for financial professionals that frequently make cost basis calculations, require historical corporate action information, and need access to historical security pricing and date of death and gift valuation. Licenses may be purchased for one or two years, and provide an individual user or department with unlimited desktop access to Netbasis, either through an intranet or the Internet.

Enterprise Solutions: Organizations with heavy transaction needs, or the desire to provide cost basis information to clients on an ongoing basis, can purchase an enterprise Netbasis license. An enterprise license provides all employees with desktop access to Netbasis, either through an intranet or the Internet.