Netbasis sets the standard for securities cost basis calculation. This user-friendly web-based application draws on historical security pricing data extending back as far as 1925 to quickly and accurately determine the adjusted cost basis of virtually any security – regardless of its history of capital changes.

Netbasis makes it easy to determine adjusted cost basis, even when securities have been held for decades and have a complicated history of associated corporate actions. It can calculate cost basis using as little detail as the year of a security’s acquisition, and instantly accounts for historical changes caused by stock splits, mergers, dividend reinvestments and all other possible cost basis adjustments.

Unique Features:

  • Calculates Gifted Securities, Applies IRS Tax Rules and can Reconstruct the Donor’s Cost Basis if Unknown
  • Calculates Date of Death and Alternate Date of Death Valuation on Inherited Securities
  • Mutual Fund Conversions/Applicable CDSC Fees
  • Adjustments for Cash in Lieu
  • Sale Methodology Selection (FIFO, HIFO, LOFO, LIFO, Specific, Average Costing or View Them All)
  • Systematic Investment, Withdrawal and Dividend Reinvestments
  • Tax Optimization for Planning a Sale
  • Mutual Fund Sale Features (Sell/Buy, Exchange/Buy)
  • Powersearches if Acquisition Value is Unknown
  • Export 8949 Form and Schedule D
  • Calculates all Complex Wash Sale Scenarios
  • User-Friendly
  • Data Accuracy Dating Back to 1925 for Most Securities
  • Audit Trail of Corporate Action Adjustments
  • Electronic Exports for Tax Preparation Software


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