Netbasis Batch Processing

Netbasis Batch Processing

With a vast number of clients with sizeable assets, financial services professionals are faced with the task of managing large amounts of data. Netbasis is the only product in the market that can handle both single, as well as large batch cost basis calculations. So whether it is transactional information that has been accumulated over the years or the current needs of numerous clients, Netbasis has the ability to verify and provide large volumes of historical and current pricing, adjusted cost basis and corporate action information in seconds.

Netbasis can handle all of your mainframe and legacy data needs by processing millions of transactions. Simply upload a file containing basic information such as CUSIP number, shares, purchase dates, and market sell dates and Netbasis will verify and provide missing pricing, historical, or cost basis data. The information is then delivered to you as an aggregated and importable file that can be easily uploaded to your database.

Only Netbasis offers instant answers based on a comprehensive database that takes into consideration over 90 years of mergers, stock splits, and every other possible financial adjustment. To learn more about how other organizations are using Netbasis for batch processing of adjusted cost basis calculations, Request Information.

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