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What is Cost Basis?

Cost basis is the price you paid or the valued price for a stock or mutual fund on that specific day. From that day going forward, the cost basis can be adjusted for reinvested dividends or for corporate actions (splits, mergers, spin-offs) that occur during the time you own the shares.

How Can Netbasis Help?

Netbasis is an online cost basis calculator. When you sell any shares and have to report the capital gains tax, so first, you have to calculate your adjusted cost basis. The Netbasis cost basis calculator will adjust the acquisition price of the stock for splits, spin-offs and mergers and dividends reinvested (if you participated) and other corporate actions that may have occurred during the time you owned the security. Netbasis easily calculates your adjusted cost basis even if you don’t have all of your investment information or if you acquired your shares decades ago.

Why is Using Netbasis Important?

For over 20 years, Netbasis has provided steadfast financial support through numerous market gyrations and economic uncertainties. An important lesson learned is that in order to decide where you want to go next you must first understand where you currently are. Knowing your correct adjusted cost basis position accurately determines your true gain or loss.

A purchase of one transaction for $30.00 will provide you with:

  • The information and documentation needed to calculate your capital gains for tax purposes
  • An historical reconstruction of your investment including all corporate actions and dividend re-investments
  • The ability to optimize your tax strategy by selecting from a variety of sale methods
  • Pricing and corporate actions for your securities

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