Education/Non-profit Institutions

Netbasis Benefits Both Educational and Non-Profit Institutions

Netbasis can serve valuable education-related functions for educational institutions, as well as important business applications for both educational and non-profit institutions.

Netbasis is a Financial Teaching Tool

Business students need access to “real world” tools to better understand key issues such as profit and loss management, securities valuation and the impact of corporate events on shareholder value. Using the web-based Netbasis application as the foundation, professors can create assignments that teach and reinforce decision-making skills via the same tool used by financial professionals.

Netbasis is a Financial Research Tool

Many universities and business school libraries have added the web-based Netbasis application to their pool of technology resources. Their students now have convenient access to a valuable research tool that contains a database of historical pricing and corporate events dating back to 1925.

Netbasis Manages Donated Securities

Educational institutions are now under increased pressure to accurately calculate the adjusted cost basis of donated securities. This time-consuming and complex task can be made even more difficult if the securities have a complicated history of corporate actions. Netbasis can help by providing proper valuation of donated securities for accurate tax reporting – an important value-added service that can be offered to donors. Netbasis includes tools that will value estates and gifts and provide Date of Death valuation (with a 6-month alternative date).

In addition, Netbasis enables institutions to improve their management of assets by determining their portfolio’s real rate of return. With Netbasis, institutions can create a list of preferred holdings from a performance and tax perspective, thus making better-informed decisions about which stocks to accept from donors and which stocks to buy and sell. Securities with a market value below their cost basis can be easily identified using Netbasis, helping institutions to avoid carrying a donation with an artificially high value on their books.

How Do We Purchase Netbasis?

Accessing Netbasis is as simple as clicking on the Buy Now button in the Get Netbasis section of this page or contacting a Netbasis sales professional. Choose from the following options:

Individual Transactions: Access to the web-based Netbasis or Netbasis Wizard can be purchased on a transaction-by-transaction basis. This is an ideal solution for the individual investor that needs adjusted cost basis, corporate action history and other relevant information for a specific security. Transactions may be purchased via credit card, either individually or in discounted, multiple-transaction packages.

Individual or Departmental License: Access to the web-based Netbasis application is also available through both individual and departmental license. An individual or departmental license is a cost-effective solution for educational and non-profit institutions that wish to make this valuable tool available to professors and students, or that frequently make cost basis calculations for donated securities, require historical corporate action information, and need access to historical security pricing and date of death and gift valuation. Licenses may be purchased for one or two years, and provide an individual user or department with unlimited desktop access to Netbasis, either through an intranet or the Internet.