8949 Verifier

8949 Verifier

The 8949 Verifier allows tax professionals to verify the accuracy of their client’s 1099 B Forms as well as prepare both the 8949 and Schedule D Form.  The 8949 Verifier provides tax professionals with an unprecedented opportunity to expand their business offerings to include 8949 Form completion and verification.

What the 8949 Verifier Offers

8949 Verifier’s innovative design contains color-coded alerts for quick reference and an expedited work flow. These alerts indicate varying degrees of deviation from accurate cost basis calculations for the selected securities.

Major Features:

  • Verify the accuracy of your client’s 1099 B prior to preparing the tax form.
  • Color-coded alerts allow a quick overview of inaccuracies on the 8949.
  • 8949 Verifier will populate and export form 8949 to the revised Schedule D
  • Electronically export forms to import into tax software
  • Provides adjustment values for sales that were incorrectly reported on the 1099 B

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