Netbasis Navigator

If the thought of calculating the cost basis for those shares you sold last year has you in a panic, not to worry. Netbasis Navigator is here to help.

Netbasis Navigator has the same powerful tools and features as the popular Netbasis application, including Power Search in case you don’t have much information about your original acquisition.* But rather than leaving you to decide which menu item to select and what you should do next, Netbasis Navigator guides you through the process of calculating the cost basis in an easy-to-follow question and answer format. What type of security did you acquire? What is the purchase date? How many shares did you purchase? Did you set up a Systematic Investment? When did you sell the shares? How many did you sell? What Sales Method would you like to use? Here are some options for you to choose from, and here’s your cost basis report! It’s that simple.

Whether you purchased, inherited or received your securities as a gift, Netbasis handles all acquisition methods with ease and provides comprehensive information such as the donor’s original cost basis and Date of Death Valuation. Netbasis Navigator uses the same database of historical pricing as Netbasis, dating back to 1925, and provides you with an accurate cost basis calculation for securities, even those with long and complicated histories of mergers, spin-offs and stock splits. It even takes into account the IRS Wash Sale and Short Sale rules, ensuring an accurate cost basis calculation for your Schedule D.

* While Netbasis Navigator allows you to choose tax lots to sell if you use the Specific sales calculation method, the Tax Optimization tool is not included in the Navigator. To use Tax Optimization, please sign on to Netbasis.